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Majority commuted less than 30 minutes in 2019

In 2019 more than half (61.3%) of employed people in the EU travelled less than 30 minutes from home to work, i.e. commuted one-way and without any detours.

In comparison, one in four (26.3%) travelled for between 30 and 59 minutes, while less than one in ten (8.1%) employed had a commuting time of 60 minutes or more. Finally, only 4.3% of employed people did not need to travel at all in order to get to their main place of work. This shows the situation before the start of the COVID-19 crisis. With the crisis, the situation will have changed significantly.

At Member State level, three in four employed people in Greece (75.8%) and Cyprus (75.5%) had a one-way commuting of less than 30 minutes. In contrast, only around half of the employed in Luxembourg (49.4%) and Latvia (44.9%) were in this situation. These last two countries had the highest shares of those employed with a commuting time of 30-59 minutes among the Member States (36.3% and 38.8% respectively). The largest shares of the longest commuting times were observed in Latvia (13.5%), Ireland (11.2%), Belgium (10.7%) and Hungary (10.6%), where more than 10% of employed people had to travel from home to work for 60 minutes or more.

Eurostat, 21 Οctober 2020